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ECU Remapping Experts in Milton Keynes.

REMAP MK! Angel Tuning offers professional engine remapping and tuning close to your home. Or even at your home thanks to our mobile tech team. We offer true engine remapping, as opposed to many (in effect) non-competitors who offer so-called ‘tuning boxes’. This means our mapping software is written specifically for your model and will not only improve performance, but also driveability and progressivenes.

Our area of action includes: Milton Keynes, Northampton and Bedford.

ModelEnginenew bhpnew torquecost
BLS1.9 TD 180 08-XXcall uscall uscall us
BLS1.9 TiD 150 06-XX190 bhp295 lbft£ 275
BLS2.0T 172 06-XXcall uscall uscall us
BLS2.0T 210 06-XXcall uscall uscall us
BLS2.8T 251 06-XXcall uscall uscall us
CTS2.8 V6 208 08-XX220 bhp195 lbft£ 250
CTS2.8 V6 215 05-07call uscall uscall us
CTS3.6 306 08-XX321 bhp294 lbft£ 250
CTS3.6 V8 257 05-07call uscall uscall us
Escalade6.0 V8 345 05-06call uscall uscall us
Escalade6.2 V8 403 07-XXcall uscall uscall us
Seville4.6 279 98-98call uscall uscall us
Seville4.6 305 98-04call uscall uscall us
SRX3.6 V6 258 07-XXcall uscall uscall us
SRX4.6 V8 325 07-XXcall uscall uscall us
STS3.6 V6 306 078XX321 bhp294 lbft£ 250
STS4.6 V8 325 07-XX340 bhp333 lbft£ 250
XLR4.6 V8 325 05-XXcall uscall uscall us